Christmas List 2013… Entry ONE

I decided to post things I would like to have here, as I occasionally find really cool stuff…


EGG Minder Smart Egg Tray
connects to your mobile device to track how many eggs you have, as well as when they are going bad. LED light indicators alert you to which eggs to use first.

This allows you to KNOW which eggs are “close to expiring” or “expired” so you can use the “older” eggs first…

AND if you find that you are AT the grocery store, and wondering “do I need eggs?” … you can check (using your phone)! It lets you know how many eggs you have, and whether they are “good eggs” or not.

I thought this was just the BEST IDEA EVER… or at least until I find the next best idea ever.

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  1. Neva December 20, 2013 / 2:51 am

    That is amazing!

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