Gimme Yo’ Towel, Foo’!

I was “dream-wakened” by the TAP-TAP-TAP of something or someone on the window. When I opened my eyes, it was dark. So dark that at first I thought that I was possibly blind-folded or in a small room with no windows. I was disoriented, and unsure where I was, other than I soon recognized that I was in my car.

As my eyes adjusted to my surroundings, I realized I was parked under some type of pier or bridge. The frantic TAP-TAP-TAP was the sound of a guy, who was attempting to wake me by “knocking” on my driver’s side window with what looked like it may have been a pipe.

-first, let me start by stating I am not a racist individual. I am only including the details of the dream so that if something similar happens, or I see someone who is similar in looks to the persons I describe, I have as accurate of a record of the person in the dream to which I can compare the person I saw in person-

Being startled and somewhat disoriented, I looked to my left, to see a tall, heavily muscled African-American man in tattered clothes. He had on worn clothing, which was somewhat dirty and tattered. It looked like a “pirate shirt”, long sleeves that had significantly more “puff” to them than a typical button up shirt that one might wear with a suit.
His jeans were dirty, and torn in many places. His face appeared weary, bags beneath his eyes, deep creases in his forehead and jowels, indicating long-term stress and hardship. His eyes were wide, and yellowed, as if he had minor jaundice. His face had the appearance of anger, even though his body’s posture did not.

TAP-TAP-TAP! I lowered the window a bit, possibly about 1/3 of the way. and the man spoke. “Hey, man, can you give me your towel?”

I was confused; did I even HAVE a towel? Why would he knock on a window of a RANDOM vehicle to ask for a towel? With his PIPE object he had been smacking my window with he points towards my back seat, and says, “TOWEL mother-f*ck*r! ARE YOU DEAF?” (at this point he sounded exactly like Samuel L. Jackson.

I slowly peered around around my seat into the floorboard of the car. There was a rumpled, faded, old bath towel on the floorboard. It looked as if it was once royal blue. I reached behind the seat, grabbed the towel and handed it to him through the opening in the window.

He then stepped to the side, set down the pipe he had used to tap on my window, and wrapped the towel around a small young girl around the age of 3 or 4. The little girl also had on worn clothes and wore an expression of despair.

I asked them if they had eaten anything recently, and the young girl spoke. “No we don’t have any food. We don’t have a house either.”

I turned to my backpack in the passenger side floorboard and pulled out food from my back pack. (sleeve of crackers, a few trailmix bars, two bottles of water) and a small package of hand sanitizer wipes.

Then my phone alarm sounded, waking me up before I handed these to them.

This dream got me to thinking this morning… why is it, that there are so many people that will feed and/or take-in a dog or cat who is on the streets, homeless, but they look upon a human with utter disgust?

Under Serious Remodeling [RANTY-Rant]

** THIS is not WHAT this site is going to look like by the time I finish with it. **

I will be working on some crazy stuff in the next few <strike>days</strike> <strike>weeks</strike> months… in trying to get the site to load faster, and work more efficiently than it has been. <strong>So, WHAT HAPPENED to break it?</strong> Well, WordPress (the engine behind the blog)  is very good at keeping things up to date and giving us free upgrades… unfortunately, it seems they are under the impression that ** AL L ** FLASH media is EVIL… and I have to find work arounds just to get my custom holiday headers, hit counter, and wordalizer to work.  THESE FLASH MEDIA ITEMS are in NO WAY MALICIOUS, and yet, because there are malicious codes found in some flash media items — WordPress has deemed it worthy to not support them. THIS in itself makes VERY LITTLE SENSE, because there are many, many videos on online that are .flv (flash video) – found on YouTube and just about any other media movie clip site out there. I have written e-mail to them, to which I received ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSE — and in this respect I think the folks at WordPress either simply don’t know, or they are just BASTARDS and don’t want to respond. They may feel that they need not support me since my weblog is not on their server. (WRONG and WRONG – my code worked before their changes, so therefore, I feel it should be capable of working with their updates. I just can’t seem to get an answer as to what I need to do in order to get it working again. Either way – Wordalizer and flash headers and the like will return – once I figure out how to g

SCORE CARD: Sleep- 2 / Pero-1

Last night,at approximately eleven p.m., I not only felt physically tired, but also recognized the signs that my brain was perhaps going to cooperate (for a change) and actually permit me to sleep.

So, I turned off the TV, put dog out for one more pee break, prepared the coffee pot for easy access in the morning, brushed my teeth, let dog back in, made sure the house was secure (locked the doors).

I then brushed my teeth, changed into my sleeping shorts, turned on the ceiling fan (not only for air circulation, but background noise), climbed into bed, and turned off the light. (Those two paragraphs were previously in one run-on sentence… and I did not care, but now it is fixed.)

ANYWAY, that is the every-night routine (give or take an event or two).

… I just woke from a dream in which my childhood friend, Colton (Cole) was missing. He was missing as a child, but the adult me was the one trying to locate him.

I met Cole in elementary school, around the time I was in the third grade, this third-grade version of Cole was the person we were all trying to find.

Unfortunately, I woke up before we located him.


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Well, Until I figure out how to get the FLASH elements (wordalizer, counter, custom holiday headers) to work – I am gonna have to keep the slow-to-load theme. But I am going to be working on this and will release the new look when it is ready.

Thanks for any HELP any of you can provide?

It is Coming, and Hell is Coming With it.

imageI was watching television tonight, and suddenly (NO WARNING at all) I could not see out of my right eye.

By this, I do not mean that things went all BLACK or DARK… but what I could see resembled what one might see through a camera if somebody smooshed a glob of “Petroleum Jelly” (Vasoline) across the camera lens.

I could see some light (although it was a bit dim compared to my left eye), and I could see movement, HOWEVER, there was no shape, form, or color to anything. Just a whitish yellow smoodge of dim light.

I suppressed a panic attack, which would be rare for me to have in almost any situation. “I can’t fu*king see out of my right eye,” I said, to nobody in particular. I could see out of my left eye, and the images were sharp and in focus (or at least as sharp and in focus as they normally appear to me with my 20/35-ish vision). I walked back to my bedroom and made my way to the bathroom. I turned on the light.

I closed my right eye, and opened it. When I opened my eye… No change in “vision” (I use that term rather loosely, since I could not freakin’ see anything that I’d be able to describe to anybody. I closed it again, and LIGHTLY ran my finger over my eyelid, from the inner corner to the outer corner. When I opened my eye again, things were still very blurry, but somewhat improved, as I could see some detail. Things appeared as they do at an eye appointment when the eye doctor has one of those machines on which he can adjust the focus. After doing this twice, I could finally see again.

When I close my left eye, I can see, but the clarity of focus is not there. I recently lost both dental and vision coverage (thanks to the fabulous “insurance plan” currently held). ** BUT — I am not going to go off on that tangent at this time. **

I am grateful that I can see — HOWEVER I am currently dreading the headache I know is going to greet me sometime tonight.

To Sleep, or Not to Sleep… That is the Problem

k5161163It is three-thirty a.m., and despite the fact that I am tired… I am fully awake. I woke up about half an hour ago, (needing to pee, if you must know). I the. Climbed back into my still warm side of my otherwise empty bed, and waited for the signs that sleep would return to me.

Currently, I have not been very long, but the years of suffering with the inability to sleep as a “normal” person sleeps has taught me to recognize the signs when it is just not going to happen.

Unfortunately, at least for the moment, the only method readily accessible for use to post this for you, is my iPhone… Which is less than ideal for either speed or accuracy. For the same of illustrating that point, I intend on leaving any mistyping (or mis-texting), unless the error is so great that what I have typed is impossible to deceipher

Just before waking, I was dreaming about a mystery visitor, who had entered my home, undetected by myself or the dog(s), and having climbed into my bed. The movement of the bed woke me, yet, once I was awake, I found nobody here. Dreams of this sort, while they can be intriguing, are also disturbing. While I am not fully conscious, seemingly in REM sleep (?), I am aware enough to recall the presence of someone, recognize it as female, by way of the slight movement of blankets and soft movement of the bed.

This is to say that the visitor is neither heavy in mass nor does the visitor simply BOUND onto bed, causing great movement of the mattress or blankets that cover it. This particular type of thing has happened in the past (I will have to link to the related stories later), and I am still unable to either identify the visitor, or let you know if the occurrence was merely a drew … Or something supernatural. I can tell you that it usually seems real… Yet, I always wake up and find myself in bed alone.

[Previous dream visits with mystery woman]

Health Status… in Progress!

I’ve been very busy, work work work – work… and I am trying to carry-on with all of the good health type stuff. For the most part, I AM being “healthy”.

Tonight, I came home, tired tired and TIRED… and wondering, “WTH am I going to make for dinner?” Well, yesterday, I had made my trip to the grocery store (spent about $370 on a lot of mostly healthy food). In my refrigerator, I had a TriTip roast *(which was the last portion of leftover from Saturday night’s meal)*. But… at the store I had purchased many things to cook over the next week or so

Ingredients for these recipes would include:

[[ Sundried Tomato Fettuccini ]]
Sundried Tomatoes (halves)
Can Petite diced tomato
canned tomato paste
non fat greek yogurt
small sour cream
baby spinach

[[ Zucchini Black Bean and Rice Skillet ]]
cannola oil (have)
Green bell pepper
black beans
canned Fire Roasted diced tomatoes w/ garlic
white rice (have)
cheddar & monterey jack grated cheese blend (1 cup)

[[ Kickin' Chicken tacos ]]
lime juice
chicken breasts (have, i think)
soft corn tortillas
__ top with__
montery cheddar blend cheese

[[ Linguini with garlic & Mushrooms ]]
baby portabella mushrooms
2 large leeks (scary, i’ve never used them)
(replacing full fat cream with non-fat yogurt)
lemon juice (1/2 lemon)
fresh oregano for garnish

[[ Enchilada Pasta ]]
Wide Egg Noodles (no yolk kind)
1.25 cups enchilada sauce
frozen corn
black beans
cheddar / montery jack grated cheese blend (1cup)
1/2 cup greek yogurt
1 4 oz can green chiles
4 oz cream cheese
1 avocado
fresh cilantro leaves

[[ italian drunken noodles ]]
spicy ground turkey italian sausage
1 lg onion
red bell pepper
yellow bell pepper
orange bell pepper
small bottle white wine
28 oz canned tomato w/ juice (have)
2 tbsp flat leaf parsley
fresh basil
**Pappardelle Noodles (8 oz)

While it was not actually ON my list of things to cook (since I am tired…) I opted to slice up the leftover TriTip, trim up some of the asparagus (I do not think it is mentioned in an above ingrednt list) season it with a mix of teriyaki, soy sauce, and sesame oil, with onion and a little spicy pepper for heat… and serve it over rice. Voila Dinner was served. I will let you know as I get the other items listed above cooked and how they turned out. :D


Regarding The Resolution Statement

Picture 3Ok… Truth be told, I have kind of let my good eating habits go a bit over the past two months… and I am very sad to say, I not only see it, but I feel it too.)

No, I am NOT at the point that I look like Fat Bastard, it is just something I have noticed. At least I am not in COMPLETE denial.

If you don’t want to read this ramble in its entirety, skip to the summary below.

Picture 1
It seems that lately — I’ve been lazy in my ways. While that is not necessarily defined the same way (in comparison) with some people, it means that I have not dedicated the time to my own health maintenance as I should.

The above mini-speech is meaning to imply that I now have to work very hard to get back to “where I want to be”.

So, you may be asking: “Where is it you want to be?”

Well, I have ten pounds of flab, spread rather evenly around my body, that needs to go. It will either just melt away, or be replaced by muscle tissue (which means the number on the scale is not necessarily the area of concern). So, without (too much) further explanation…

New Year’s Resolution Statement of Intent

Picture 2Eat better, look better, (live longer).

Indeed, easier said than done. This takes effort, especially when you consider how harsh I am when it comes to judging my own actions.

This means: way way less sugar, less red meat (if not 2+ vegetarian days per week).

Notice, in no way have I stated that I am eliminating CHEESE from my food intake. (Keeping it a reachable goal) It also means eliminating the occasional one can of soda (and I do not do the “sugar free” sodas, since in my opinion, the sugar-substitutes are far worse for my body than the real sugar is / however, I do not plan to go into that in detail at this time.)

This also means I need to sleep better. I am hoping that once I am eating better, I will be sleeping better, although this is not necessarily how it works (for me). The changes to aid in the sleep better portion of the plan? I don’t really know. I don’t exactly have a schedule that is consistent so it is hard to do. Of course, this weblog, while it is infrequently read by anybody (at least to my knowledge), and while its post-topics vary greatly, is typically about my lack of sleep and my eating habits (it is what it is) — so of course, rest assured you can always stop by for the recent reports of my progress.

.: In summary :.
Less meat. Less simple carbs. Less junk. More sleep.